What People Are Saying About Veronica Hay's Writing & Her Work.

Veronica, I just opened the e-book file and I am floored!!! It is absolutely AMAZING!!! I am going to use this e-book every day for the rest of my life.
It is so inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are such a phenomenal writer. You are gifted with spreading your enthusiasm and spirit through words. I read your emails every single day, and I always come away a different person. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you. :)
Tamara Kelly

Veronica... the wonder... the magic... I feel in looking through your amazing and glorious e-book.
I have written to you about your great talent so many times over the years and I have used up all the words, I can think of to describe the work you produce. This time I am stuck.  Speechless.  Dumfounded.    
I will be constantly using it, printing off pages for all sorts of reasons and just looking through for some 'Spiritual Upliftment'.
You have done the world, especially your readers, a great favour.  It is not possible that this book will not be adored by all who read it!
Liliana Smith- Queensland, Australia


Veronica, your e-book is incredible!  It came to me at just the right time, a time of loss and grief.  It has helped me to find meaning in that loss and what I have to do to overcome the grief and emptiness and move on.  It gave me what I needed when I needed it. 

You are indeed a writer of profound wisdom and truth and such a gift of expression and vision. Thank you so much. 
Carolyn L. Spencer 

Veronica,  I so very much want to tell you that each and every submission in your e-book takes my breath away into wonderful possibilities and inspires me to truly live my best life.  I shall always be grateful to you for your guidance and inspiration for my journey in life.
With Sincere Appreciation and Warmly Felt Love,
Kim Belfry

Veronica, I printed 50 copies of your Prosperity Blessing directly from your e-book, as you have so generously said your readers can do, and I gave one to each person who attended my Seminar. Each participant was deeply touched. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend. Thank you for your beautiful words and all that you do to uplift the planet. And thank you Veronica, so much, for allowing us to share your work so freely through the purchase and continual use of this amazing e-book. You are right, it truly is the "gift that keeps on giving"

Kindest regards, Megan

Dearest Veronica

If only your readers knew how very special your e-book is. How enlightening and spiritual and very uplifting! So many uses. I love to print one of your glorious pictures with a fantastic saying on it and then write on the back a note/letter to a friend (can be handwritten or printed from the computer). Also, this special approach means so much more than an ordinary Birthday/Greeting card. You have there a suitable picture/saying for every possible occasion and people can have a 'card' ready on hand, for any situation, at any time. As long as you have envelopes and stamps, you're set to encourage, enlighten, support, understand, congratulate, ask a favour, welcome, say goodbye etc to your close friends and new acquaintances - anytime.

As I go throughout my day, my life, I often print off a particular piece that speaks to me and resonates with what I am experiencing and I am instantly uplifted. No matter how I feel, there is a glorious picture and poem to gaze at and ponder. I have your pieces in my walk-in-closet and in my pantry, two places that are private, and I get to see them often throughout the day. I also keep one on my bedside table to read just before bed. I certainly encourage your readers to purchase this wonderful e-book.

With much appreciation from Maria Franzutti

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Veronica, I just read yourJoy in a Bottle story, in your new e-book. I loved the part especially about the Italian restaurant, and the amazing man who entered and captivated the room.  I felt like I was right there with you.  Such a hypnotic moment! I was totally mesmerized.  I didn't want the story to end, as you didn't want to leave the restaurant!!!  I could picture this entire moment.  Veronica, you write so eloquently.  You make the reader feel like they are with you.  You should be writing novels. Think about it.  I will let you know my other feedback as I keep reading. This is just fantastic!! Bravisimo!!  Kristi

Veronica, After looking this over I am astonished... It must have taken you years to put this together!

Thanks Monty

Dear Veronica, I've read many different kinds of books, but none like yours. Your e-book has very gently and simply helped me to understand myself. Your words are healing to my soul. Thank you Veronica, for coming into my life with your NEW E-BOOK!

Alex VanValkenburg

Dear Veronica,
The gift you have given with your Prosperity Blessing is so incredible. I listened to it just now and was filled with great hope and joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Many blessings, Heather

Thank you Veronica for sharing your powerful writing.

You are a God Send to many of us and especially me.
I hope your new e-book is a raging success.
You are being led by the Hand of God.

Pat DeRitis


Dear Veronica

I would like to extend my thanks to you for all your words of inspiration and wisdom. I believe that some people come into our lives to call up our souls to accountability. Along with mirroring who we really are or who we want to become, they inspire the creative process within us
and awaken the soul's journey.

You are one of those people!
Daily, you help my eyes to see, my ears to hear,
and my heart to feel life's abundance and miracles.

Thank you. Warmest Wishes, Carolyn Carpenter-Meister

Dear Veronica,

Amazingly wonderful and inspiring writing. Thank you for what you do and for allowing me to be part of your list. I await your email with bated breath because the gems are just waiting to be found - this is my acre of diamonds. Thank you. Barney

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Dear Veronica - I have been anxiously waiting for your NEW E-Book - In A Dream, You Can Do Anything to come out for several years now and I cannot wait to purchase it. Your writing is amazing, simple but so profound. You have a delightful and unique way of looking at the world and of writing about things that most of us only take for granted. You seem to be able to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary and I think I read that in one of your pieces. Your writing has brought tears to my eyes and gotten me through some difficult times. Your new book will be worth its weight in gold - A Treasure! Kindest regards, William B.


Hi Veronica

I am writing to you from Melbourne Australia, and would like to let you know that I received an email today from another website and it was one of the most beautiful and amazing prayers I have ever read. THE PROSPERITY BLESSING written by yourself. It is through receiving this prayer that I found your site. I would like to thank your inner soul for giving you such a beautiful prayer and I would also like to thank you for giving it to us. You are an amazing woman with so much love that you give and share with so many. Once again THANK YOU. If there are any other prayers that you have written, could you please forward them on to me.

Lots of Love and Light, ANNIE Tsourlinis


 This month in my newsletter I want to highlight a beautiful poem entitled
"Will You" written by writer and publisher Veronica M. Hay that is a courageous testament to the courage to ask for help. This poem also reminds me of ones written by Rumi, Hafiz and Kabir, mystic poets of old, who asked of the Beloved the deep soul stirring questions about the human condition. Dear Veronica, Thank YOU ... for your genius and the pleasure of having your gifts in the world. Love, Max

Max Wellspring ~~ Life & Career Solutions Coach
Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Prosperity Partnership Guide,
Emotional Freedom Facilitator


I just wanted to tell you thank you.
The Prosperity Blessing is the most beautiful thing I have ever read and experienced.

Blessings, Lynn Stanyard

You are not only a wonderful poet,
you are brilliant!

Karen (Kalena) Thiessen
Kalena Associates, Inspiring Creative Minds

Hi Veronica
I have just browsed through this awesome New Serendipity E-Book Mall that you have created and I know I will have to return time and again because there is so  much to see and think and love. One of my favourites is the poem on Angels and the guided meditation that Susan spoke of. What a magnificent thing you have done here, it is truly remarkable and I am so happy to be a part of it and to be able to partake of such inspirational magic.

Veronica, you are amazing and I love your beautiful thoughts. Love Margaret


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Dear Veronica

Thank you again for blessing my life with the gift of your words.
I thank God for you today!



:) Dr. Joe Vitale
President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.
#1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"


I sit here with tears in my eyes and love and peace in my heart... healing tears... needed tears.... your words went straight to my heart... thank you... I needed to hear exactly what you were saying... thank you... what a beautiful, precious, wonderful gift... and tomorrow is my birthday...

I am so thankful for you... though we have never, and will never, meet... you are a friend and I appreciate you for all that you are and all that you give to others.... Patti

Dear Veronica

Greetings from the Middle East and from Jordan, particularly! I don't really know how to express my sincere gratitude to you for your invaluable inspirations and lifts; rather your "Daily Morning Treasures of Wisdom" that I receive from you every morning. I've been reading your treasures for such a time, and, day by day, I discover that you're a real source of experience and wisdom. Your wisdom and "calm " way of expression, make you more convincing! Although, while reading your inspirations, I don't hear you, of course, but I really read as if I were hearing you through my eyes, and here comes what I tend to call 'The Seen Voice of Wisdom"! I deeply believe in miracles and in God's ability in creating whatever He wishes, including creating "Angels in Human Shapes Walking Among Us", YOU ARE ONE OF THESE ANGELS!
Blessings, Ibrahim Al Tahtamouni


I admire you, because this is Global-helping.
Louise L. Hay, Brahma Kumaris, Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle and YOU!
I simply love it.
Tom Kristensen

Dear Veronica: Your Prosperity Blessing was featured on "Insight of the Day" on Friday, November 26, 2004 and I want to thank them for doing that. It was the best email I have ever received from that list. It is somewhat rare that tears come to my eyes from being spiritually touched - and the tears did well up as line by line I read the Prosperity Blessing. I had just 'meditated' 'prayed' on this the night before receiving their email. Perhaps someone heard. The Prosperity Blessing is beautiful, inspired and relevant, and was a timely synchronicity for me. I was and still am truly touched by it, more than I have ever been by most things in my experience. I enjoyed discovering your other writings Veronica and your work that I came upon on your website - and forgive the comparison, I hope you don't mind my saying - in a good way, some of your writings had ... "ripples" / inklings, left threads of feeling, that reminded me of Oriah Mountain Dreamer's poems & related books, "The Invitation", "The Dance" and "The Call", which I appreciate immensely. Words are not enough to convey my appreciation of your unique gifted work.
Many thanks, and keep up the good work. Alison T. Pope, Toronto, Ontario

My Dear Veronica - I have never heard a prayer more beautiful than yours as it encompasses everyone in the world. I really don't recall how I came about your page. I am an elderly lady of 81years and can't do much but surf the web, as I am unable to stand for any length of time due to a severe case of Osteoporosis and Emphysema, so I sit at an old computer that was given to me and SURF. As soon as I could afford it, I would like to purchase all of your work. You sound like such a Beautiful Soul. May the Good Lord and the Universe bless you and yours abundantly and keep your talents fruitful. Thanks. Josephine

Hi There Veronica

Keep up the good work. I am proudly promoting your site weekly on my "Messengerfiles" Radio/Online show and sharing your Inspirations with my listeners. The Feedback is awesome and many people are becoming more enlightened by your work.

Hello Veronica

I was first introduced to your work on the Bob Proctor daily emails and I just wanted to tell you that I truly appreciate your energy and your work. You are a genuine and wonderful individual and what you are doing is fabulous. I am involved in the personal development industry as well and I simply wanted to acknowledge you for your heart and talents. You truly are a gift to our world. Thank you and have an amazing day!

Julie Hryniewicz MAKE-IT-WORK Seminars & Consulting

Dear Veronica

I was one of the lucky recipients of your Prosperity Blessing through Bob Proctor. I have to tell you that it brought tears to my eyes - and still does each time I think of it. Rereading it this morning gave me goosebumps. So beautiful - I just had to tell you. Enchanting..............
Love and best wishes. Beverley Louis (New Zealand)

Thanks Veronica, for letting me know that I am on the list for ALL your "goodies". Rest assured, my prayers are with you. What a light! What a light you are! I just read "Things I Appreciate About Myself" You are always teaching us. Gently, lovingly, compassionately and full of grace. That's what I appreciate about you! Thank you! I love how you love you and us. Hanging out in your light, Lucy and.....Yes Veronica, you may include this e-mail on the testimonial page for your new e-book. (pant, pant, pant, I can't wait!) I want the whole world to know of your light and giftedness. You are a dear to include me, it will be an honor. Gently, Lucy


Dear Veronica

Just a note to say how I do truly appreciate your daily insights and inspirations. I adored your writing (of some time ago) about the things you appreciate about yourself (they reminded me a lot of me!:-) and "Nature's Party, A Saturday Celebration!" When you wrote that, the essence of that whole experience was one of absolute joy and wonder... I could relate so, so deeply to similar experiences in my youth. God bless your inspirational work. Some of your quips and quotes and hawks are so timely and pertinent, I believe they were heaven sent.

Blessings, Patricia Ann


How come you know all this? I just listen to your poem, and can't believe someone else could know my soul so deeply. I am going through a very tough time right now. It seems like I can't find my way out of pain. But I thank you for the gifts I received today.


Good Evening Veronica,

I am a follower of Marianne Williamson.
I am sure you have heard of her and her books and audios.
I put you right at the top with her.

Keep those beautiful words flowing.

Peace and God Bless, Theresa

Hi, Veronica

There's many "Inspirational" sites, but none that speak so true a heart as you. I sincerely appreciate all your efforts towards bringing peace and calm to this chaotic place we find ourselves. Peace to you and yours.

Denise Zale

Dearest Veronica

In just a few words you encapsulated wisdom
it takes so many of us years to acquire.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{Biggest Hugs }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


Dear Veronica

Thank you for the blessing, it is lovely.

Love Terry Cole-Whittaker

Dear Veronica

WOW!!! Simply stated...WOW!!!

Thank You for sharing that incredible flight of fantasy & invitation to wonder/wander.

Whispering...in amazement~~~
"The TEAM"...& Christine, too!

Veronica - Your messages of inspiration are sometimes mind stirring and at other times, heart changing. I appreciate your words. Thank you for your Insight and Inspiration. You are an awesome Lady, may God bless you so abundantly for all the loving kindness you share with others. To me you are an Angel in the airwaves, sending messages of encouragement and hope. Thank you. Orie McKee

Dear Veronica,

Blessings to you, dear friend! Do you know that you have been a source of inspiration and joy for me for over 8 years now?

I have had many close friends who have been going through some trying times lately and I have shared your website and "insights" with them. You are helping many people through your work and touching lives more than you know. Thank you for blessing us with your warmth, your heartfelt love and with your light of hope and encouragement. May you continue to Shine on!

Lovingly, Kari Hansen

Veronica, Wow....

Wow is all I can say! So lovely, so beautiful...I just feel so much love for you now, I want to embrace you and all the world! Your meditation is so warm, so ... just what we all need...



I closed my eyes and just listened to your voice.
Just a wonderful spiritual experience.
I also measured the consciousness based on Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness (Power versus Force), and it went on the scale to 500......... wonderful!

Love & Light, Wolf Wilbert

Hi Veronica

I am a Jamaican who happened to come across a subscription to your Inspirations by chance but I am certainly glad I did! Your words are great and encouraging. I have in fact been passing some of it on to my friends. You truly have understood the real purpose and meaning of life, that is, to ensure that each day we impact the lives of others around us. Through your inspirations you have been touching the lives of people all over the world and making your mark.....At the end of our lives it must be said that we made a difference, we impacted someone's life and we made a difference in our world...
I applaud you and encourage you to continue to make a difference!

Misha Lobban, Jamaica

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Dear Veronica

I adore your wonderful newsletters.
Your wonderful insight and inspirations are precious...Thank you so much for sharing!

Thanks and Blessings to you and Yours,

Mary :o)

Dear Ms Veronica Hay

The morning glory has always been my favourite flower since childhood. I know about its rapid flowering and fading in the space of one day. I appreciate the flower is a reminder of the transience of our lives. You have in your poetry/story elevated this truth to a higher level. I am much the wiser in reading the verses and the lovely prose will always stay in my mind. Every one of us visiting your website is that much more insightful in dealing with life's situations and should be very thankful for what you have accomplished, as I am. Mark Soo

Hello Veronica

I am one of your list subscribers and I am writing to say that I look forward to reading your Insights and Inspirations newsletter everyday. Your column is a breath of fresh air in a world that can be so full of negativity and pain. Your writings have taught me to look beyond the immediate realm and to see all of the beauty and hope that life can contain. You inspire optimism in your readers. Keep up the excellent work! This lonely, tired, scared world needs a friend like you, to show it all of the wonderful possibilities that an open heart and a loving mind can create.

Brandi Spohn

Dear Veronica

I feel the urge to tell you how your beautiful words have inspired me and the sincerity, unreserved demonstration of care and love is greatly felt. I think this is something quite lacking in the world today, people are all so reserved and 'stingy' with their words, even as we
progress with advance technology. Thank you and Warmest Regards. Christina

Dear Veronica

You deserve a big hug for today's column. Really good stuff. Simple and yet in our hurry we forget these simple things that leave a lasting impression. I wonder if people ever remember a "forever smile" or a "forever kiss"? It is the simple things that make life the marvel that it is. Barney

Everything you do is so top shelf,
so professional and unusually interesting and uplifting. I think you could have a column or something and give inspirational answers.
Best of luck as you forge forward.
Mandy St. Lawrence


Veronica - I really and truly appreciate and enjoy your Insights and Inspirations daily mailings. They really are insightful and inspiring, I can't count the number of times I have had the light bulb go on or just been in awe of your amazing knack for knowing what to say, and when to say it....Thanks again,
Sincerely, Kristy Bjarnason

As always... I am speechless and tears are running down my cheeks... how do you always say JUST THE RIGHT THING and how does it always reach me at JUST THE PERFECT MOMENT?
Love & Joy, Patti

Dear Veronica,
I visited your site. Very interesting and resourceful. Will definitely use your advertising medium soon. I have come across several Prosperity Prayers, but yours, Veronica, truly grabbed me in a big way. You, my dear, are a gifted writer, and your sincerity comes across in your writing.
Thank you for honoring your talents and
being a light to the world.
Sincerely, Malika K


My friend Amber sent me your poem - she's from New Zealand and I've shared it with my addresses yesterday. I already have requests from people who want to know who wrote this lovely poem. You are so gifted, so guided, so blessed, so wonderful. Thank you from the heart for the ability you have to say exactly what we feel, in such a beautiful way!

Mimi Gabriel - Motivation In Motion International (MIMI)
Living in a state of gratitude!

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Hi Veronica, As promised, I'm sharing the effects of the Prosperity Blessing for me. I've been listening to it now off and on for about a month. The most outstanding and immediate effect on me is the presence and healing energy I feel all around me. I am tingling all over afterwards. During the listening, I'm drawn and condensed within very deeply. I consider this to be prosperity and abundance because I am able to access parts of me that I do not normally get access to, and I have more positive thoughts. In addition, I've been able to do more and deeper inner healing work. I've reached more parts of me and am doing transformational work as well. My inner resources have also been increasing energy, ideas, awareness, etc.. I've also won a small amount of money. Thank you for writing the Prosperity Blessing. Rhonda :)


You never cease to amaze me with your stories and insights and warmth and kindness in sharing so much with "all of us" on your list... you've done it again! Happy Easter to you... and your two Goose friends, Frank and Molly.... with loving friendship.


Dear Veronica

I look forward to your Insights and Inspirations email each day. It's like having a cup of tea with a good friend. Thank you for all your efforts.

Sincerely, Tianna

Hello Veronica

I am very moved by the text of this lovely poem. I'm wondering if you would be willing to donate it's use to my volunteer work in my local women's prison? I teach Nonviolent Communication www.cnvc.org <http://www.cnvc.org and mindfulness to the inmates and would be most grateful for your permission to share it with them. This is exactly the kind of uplifting message that inspires and reminds them of their beauty, no matter what their previous choices have been. Thank you for your consideration. Amy

You're truly a dear heart, there are plainly not too many of your kind in the world today. People who are willing to share themselves with the Universe at such a personal level. I feel so encouraged to follow through on my dreams & aspirations because your work just shows that what I want to do is not an idealist theory! Thanks once again Veronica, this is by no means the last time you're hearing from me. Love Patricia

Dear Veronica:

Your words of inspiration always seem to come at just the right time. I just want you to know how much they mean to me. On days when nothing seems to be going right I open my e-mail and see your newsletter and it helps me to pull myself back up and keep going forward. Through your words I have found strength, comfort and at times solace. What a blessing you have been in my life. May you receive all your blessings. Thanks again, Lindsey

Dear Veronica

You have a beautiful voice and it is a real pleasure to listen to your audio meditation first thing in the morning. We are also enjoying your daily Insights and Inspirations. Lots of love.


I thank you for your regular email messages - spoken truly from the heart. You have a wonderful ability to say things "simply"! (no high falutin words!) I look forward to your emails.
Thank you once again, and all the best in all that you do.

Kind regards, Anne Seldon

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I am glad that I read yesterdays Insights and Inspirations. It spoke to me on many levels but the most important thing it said to me, was to be responsible for your own miracles because you have the power within you to make them happen. Got my fire back!!!! This may have been said in a million ways, but this one went right to my core and I feel blessed for signing up. I race to the computer everyday to get my daily feeding of I & I. Thank you for your unselfish act of providing these jewels.

Val White in CO

You SOUNDED WONDERFUL. You have a beautiful voice!

It was total joy to hear you. Have a great day!

You are special!


Dear Veronica

Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I discovered it this morning--not by accident, I think, but as an answer to a prayer. I was feeling negative and criticizing myself for every past mistake, but, listening to your voice (reading your Angel poem) and reading your words, I began feeling hopeful and uplifted. Each bad memory was replaced by a good one and a feeling of intense gratitude. Thank you so much for your beautiful gifts to the world!

Peace and blessings, Carol Read

Hi Veronica

I really wanted to let you know that your work has spread to our little corner of the world as well. Our country has battled with differences among people for a long time and it's little things like afternoon tea that reminds us that we are all the same in some ways and have a lot more in common than we think.

Warm regards, Lee-Anne Stober

Wanted to let you know that I look forward to your inspirations. :) Thank you. I ordered something from your online store and received it the other day and was very touched that you wrote a hand-written thank you. That is something that you don't see today. A very special touch.

Sincerely, Bonnie


Although I have never had the honour to meet you, I have certainly been touched to receive your newsletter. You have a peaceful mind, as I do, and let others know the calming feeling, that's in all of us, and not to look on the dark side, but to take little steps forward, to see the light that surrounds us, and is always there for us to be guided by. It's a feeling of Love, that fills our heart, that we can be empowered, and know that all your believers can read your pages, and at least get their daily vitamin to fulfill their day the best way they know how. I love your newsletters and hope one day I can be as helpful to people as you are. I am from Sydney, Australia. Please let me know when your book is ready, so that I can buy it, and have you close to me in my heart, reading your inner most feelings for the world to Love.

With Love and Light, Amanda Boss, Sydney Australia

It is an honor to share with you the gentle powerful impact your Insights and Inspirations have had on my life. To begin ...your powerful quote that you end each email with.. "May there be a miracle in YOUR life today and may you have the EYES to see it". The first time I read that, I was filled with 'angel sparks', I was emotional, I was hopeful, I was uplifted, I was smiling (big!) I am 47 yrs old. I was brought up in Catholic and Episcopal religious homes, with all sorts of abuses. My relationship with God was one of fear and suffering. In my life's journey, I have come to have an expanded view of things now. Your prayer for me as I read it that day, was answered...in the quote itself. I, in that moment, HAD the eyes to see it. To see the miracles in my life. To know that miracles come in my life whether I see them or not. I don't have to suffer enough to get them. And so I thank you beloved in this moment for those simple, yet profound words of faith, hope, trust, love and blessings.

Dearest Veronica

I just had to write AGAIN to tell you how wonderful this letter is. It is so inspiring and beautiful and poignant, sincere, touching and more more more. You are magical. I feel such a 'connection' to you and your 'books - and the feeling for them', your music, love of nature, animals, caring for people etc. I really feel a lot in common with you. Hugs, Liliana


Hi Veronica:
I get your Insights and Inspirations and just love it. Some days I don't get it and really miss reading it. I forward it onto friends or read it to my coworkers. 15 or so of us share a room-we are children's child case managers for children that have been diagnosed with a mental illness-and they always laugh and say they know where to go for inspiration if they need some. I know your inspiration keeps my day just a little more perked up. THANKS. Laura

Good Morning Veronica

I just wanted to thank you for the audio meditation. You should put it on a CD and put it in your on-line store. I cannot tell you how I felt after listening to it. It is simple beautiful. What peace it brought me. I love getting your e-mail everyday. I also have bought numerous items from your site.

God bless, Theresa Kaisner

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Terry BIRD

Dear Veronica

I'm a subscriber to Insight of the Day and was particularly blessed last Friday when I opened to find your Prosperity Blessing. Thank you so much. I've read and listened to your recording a number of times and I have to say that it touches every fibre of my being. It truly is inspiring.
Blessings to you, L. S. (Sydney, Australia)


Thank you so very much!
The blessing was like a breath of fresh air......absolutely Divine!
Thank you. Norma

Hello, I would just like to say Veronica, how much I love your site. Thankyou so much for e-mailing me this every morning. I really really needed this in my life. I was so depressed before I received your Insights and Inspirations. Now, honestly I feel so much better about life and myself. Thanks so much. I'm so grateful. I'm grateful to Angelo too. He's the one who e-mailed me your site and I decided to subscribe too. He knew I was going through a hard time with my life. Thanks to both of you. Your friend Pamela Isidori

Hi Veronica - I would like to thank you for all your inspirational words and audios. I have been enrolled in your website for one month now and everyday when I receive your emails, it is a joy to my heart. Your words of encouragement, love, wisdom and faith always help me with my daily life. I am a student at UNB and lately I have been very interested in Angels and spiritual gifts, and reading or listening to your texts, always gives me the answers that I am looking for. You have a very special gift and I am happy that you have chosen to use it in this way, by helping other people and with your inspiring words of wisdom and of love. I pray to God that He keeps guiding you and he sends his Angels to bestow upon your life joy, happiness, love, peace, good fortune and luck for this coming new year. Take care and may there be a miracle in your life too. Best Wishes and Cheers, Jemima


Dear Veronica

You are just so simply wonderful!
Your beautiful thoughts make my every day sweeter and better. I am just so happy to have you in my inbox.

Your Friend Helene from Croatia


Congratulations on your 14th year anniversary Issue, that is a very special and loving calling that you have undertaken and I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.
Love and all my best wishes for your success.
Carollyne B. Rayner

Merci Veronica for all the beauty you create and you share with us. I love this meditation. Do you remember : I am living in Paris and I hope you will visit France soon !
Love Jeanne Gruson

Hi Veronica

I missed your messages for a few days, glad to see you back. I think I have been taking for granted what you offer. With gratitude for your messages.

Denise Semmens

Just recieved your reply to the email I sent to you... I took the time to listen to the link you sent me...WOW...I usually have a hard time with meditation but I ended it feeling refreshed and very happy...You have touched my heart and for this I thank you.....


Dearest Veronica

Your gift is beautiful and an absolute blessing!

In Love and Gratitude, Deb

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Dear Veronica - I receive your inspirational email every day but have never taken the time to thank you for all the wonderful thoughts you send us. They mean a lot to me and start my day out on a positive level. Thank you so much. Karen - Of course you can use my words which really do not express well enough, the inspiration and spiritual uplifting that you give us every day.

God Bless, Karen

Thank you Veronica.

What a beautiful blessing indeed.
Have a terrific day. Aloha,
Wally Amos Messenger of Inspiration wamos@hawaii.rr.com

Veronica, I cannot thank you enough for this!!!!!!!!
It came at the exact time I needed it with all of my being!!!!!!!!!! I sent it to all my email friends. How beautiful. Thanks for the wake up call. I've been in that dark night of the soul for about a month now.
Love & Light, Sandra Ward

I just want you to know that your inspirations have been a blessing to me! I am deeply thankful to you and pray that your insights and inspirations touch the lives of others as they have mine.
Love and blessings from my heart to yours.

Susie Cervantes, TMAD Engineers

Just wanted to let you know that I have framed your Prosperity Blessing and have hung it in my office (at home) where I do my private sessions.

Thank you so much. Betty Taylor

Receiving your daily email instantly adds a little spark to me. No matter what kind of day I am having, I know that merely by reading your insight / inspiration my spirits are gonna be lifted! I hope that more people are able to receive the bountiful benefits that I and many others are the fortunate recipients of on a daily basis! Keep up the good work you do!!!
Best wishes for a successful & prosperous year. Sharifa Bala

Dear Veronica - When I got the first of many insights today I just felt compelled to write to you. I so much applaud you for your courage and for your commitment to help uplift us mere mortals who are living in such a seemingly dark period of time. I know whatever happens in the world, or to me, that I can count on a refreshing, inspiring and positive little ditty on my bookmarked site. It's the little things in life that matter the most and you are making a BIG impression on the world (at least in mine) with your efforts and devotion. And to that I am most grateful. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those around you. You go, Girl! Much Love, Kari

Dear Veronica

Having a tough time for one reason or another and received your I Can, Can through the post. It cheered me enormously! I felt like a kid opening a Christmas or birthday present! And I have bought another I Can Can for my daughter!

Thank you for your inspirations I receive every day.
I really look forward to them - and somehow they are always relevant to the day! Thank you and keep up the good work.

Love from Deborah Mackenzie

You always send exactly what I need to hear!!!

You're so good at that!!!
Thank you for all you do and all you are!!

In love and light, Kate Large

Dear Veronica:

I am very grateful for you, your messages of hope and love, and your friendship! Thank you so much... Sometimes I just sit and think... and I am so grateful that there are people like you in the world!

Holiday Hugs, Ana


I just want you to know how wonderful I think your e-mails are. I am in the midst of a divorce from my true love and coming in each morning and reading your e-mails really does help me to refocus my thoughts. Thank you for fulfilling your "mission"- I for one am reaping the benefits.
Sincerely, Colleen Flynn

Good Morning Veronica

For the past few months I have been receiving your Insights and Inspirations in my in-box at work, and I just wanted to spend a moment this morning to tell you how much I appreciate them.
Thank you for inspiring me to look at the best of every day. When days are tough at work, I read the inspirations that I have saved from you, and they help to make my worst day at work, my best. You are an Angel sent from above, and you enlighten my every morning at work.
Thank you for the inspirations. Tara Mackie

Hi Veronica.
A lot has happened since I found your website. I am much better now, also because I found your world. You helped me find my way back to my world, to myself. Thank you. Anna

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Thank you Veronica, for your beautiful meditation. For some reason, I started crying halfway through. I think I have a lot of deeply buried issues to deal with and this meditation has begun to bring them to the surface. I plan to listen to it every day and see if I can come to grips with some of these issues. Your website is wonderful and you are a blessing to all of us....

Love and Light to you...Patricia Bitzer


That was really nice. It was really touching imagining Humpty Dumpty being put back together again. Also, from the golden box on the bridge, the best thing you can give people is an ability to discover their self worth.
Regards, Milind

Over The Rainbow!

That's where you took everyone with your ten minute meditation.
Thanks for the glimpse of the other side of the rainbow!

Love Mandy

It's been awhile since I've been in touch but I wanted to thank you again for reaching out to so many of us everyday...you have put so much in perspective during a time in my life when I've needed it most. I thank God and all my Angels for you and my dear friend who connected me with your Insights and Inspirations. May your life be full of love and all that you deserve for your unselfish work in helping others heal and grow. Have a wonderful day! Ayumi Miraz

Hi Veronica

The meditation was just what I needed in this moment. There has been such awful turmoil in our home for the past month or so, and today I felt very lost and alone........so thank you for your soft voice and comforting words........is there any way that you have a CD of that meditation...........or even the words written? Thank you and bless you...

Peace. Gloria

Dear Veronica

I always enjoy opening my mail to see if I have something wonderful and inspirational from you. We all have days when we need an uplifing message and so many times your message for the
day is what I call a "gift." It's as if it were written just for me and reaches my heart and truly inspires me. Sincerely, Tianna

Dear Veronica

I would like to thank you for all the wonderful work that you do, spreading love, peace, prosperity and encouragement to all who visit your website. I've been having an extremely difficult time of late, especially with handling and dealing with my finances, you have made me believe that God knows I'm worth so much more and he is going to help me reach my full financial wellbeing. It might not be today or tomorrow but I know for certain that it will happen. Thank you for your Prosperity Blessing, I needed it today. Miss Bliss Blose from South Africa

Hello Dear Heart, Veronica,

You are an amazingly gifted, kind lady. Please know that I appreciate you and all you give from your wonderfull, warm heart. I stumbled on your site just after a huge loss, and was so encouraged and inspired with a very timely message. From then on, I've looked forward to your daily visit. I feel a harmony spirit with you. Blessings, Bea


Good Morning Veronica,

I subscribed to your Insights and Inspirations approximately I think one
year ago. I am grateful to your due diligence and taking the time to share. You have guided me in more ways than you know. You have given me food for thought and it has stretched my thinking and awareness. I just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated and looked forward to reading your insights and inspirations.
Blessings and Love, Alexis, xoxo

I am grateful and look forward to my insights and inspirations in my mailbox each day, it makes me think, it puts a smile on my face, I'm happy I'm thought about and it gives me a chance to pass it on to people who I think need a pick me up. Thank you, Veronica!

Kerry Cox


Dear Veronica
Thank you so much for the wonderful, inspirational energy you
put out for so many people to benefit from.
My days had been filled with a busy mind that wasn't working for me.  I scrolled down to a beautiful meditation ( Gifts From The Soul ) and clicked on it.  I was guided through a wonderful forest and over a bridge after receiving many beautiful gifts of spirit.  On the other side of the bridge was a land full of self love, and much love of others.  The Truth.  It was a much needed reminder for me that day, and the day following.  I love that I can access that meditation whenever.......Thank you...
Truthfully, Susan Jardine

Hi Veronica! 
I just downloaded your New Serendipity E-Book Mall and I have to tell you....
IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  I haven't had time to read all of it yet, but have browsed through the pages and looked at the photography.  Beautiful pictures! Just to look at them alone gives me such a sense of well-being and  love... makes me want to run out and commit random acts of kindness! 
I'm going to send the link to a few of my friends that I know will enjoy it as well.  I think possibly you are an Angel on Earth! 
Love, ~Patty~


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