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A 30 Day Program...To Create More
Prosperity In Your Life...
...With 50 Puzzle Pieces

For many people experiencing true prosperity in all areas of their life is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. For some, there are missing pieces. For others, the pieces that they do have will not fit together, no matter how hard they try.

So, think of this as a game you will be playing to finally master prosperity and anticipate the fun, playfulness, growth, expansion, awareness and success that lies ahead.

It is my sincere desire that each day, a new piece of the puzzle will unfold before you. And that at the end of the 30 days the complete picture will emerge in all of its splendor and glory.
Love and Blessings, Veronica Hay


These 50 Puzzle Pieces will ...

Inspire you to move forward towards your dreams.
Motivate you to make essential changes.
 Encourage you to live a more "conscious" life.
Investigate what is keeping you stuck.
Awaken the genie locked inside of you.
Propel you to live your life with passion and purpose.
Provide tools and processes to help reach your goals.
Uncover beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you!
Support and comfort you on your amazing journey.
Raise your vibration around prosperity and abundance.
Help you to become more of "who you really are."
Uplift, entertain, and just make you laugh.


From darkness to light!
That is how I would describe my
experience with this Program.
Because of it, I was able to let go of
issues that have haunted me all of my
life and begin to finally appreciate
who I really am. I feel lighter and
more energised than ever before and
truly aware now that prosperity
really is an inside job. ~ James Bird

Day 29 in the Program:
Thank you Veronica, for your
beautiful meditation.
I started crying halfway through.
I think I have a lot of deeply
buried issues to deal with and
this meditation has begun to
bring them to the surface.
You are a blessing to all of us.
~ Patricia Bitzer


Here Is What You Will Be Receiving...

Every day, you'll receve a NEW Puzzle Piece in the form of a lesson or story to read or listen to and be asked to think about or actively work on various facets of prosperity. There are:
 inspiring stories
heartfelt poems
 transformational articles
 full colour mini-posters
 a guided meditation
 moving videos
 encouraging audios
 a beautiful prosperity collage
You do not have to complete all the modules in 30 days, you can take as long as you would like to do that or you could complete the course and then start it all over again as many times as you like. The content will always be there for you. So, it is entirely up to you how you want to work with the program.


Day 21 in the Program:
What a light! What a light you
are Veronica! I just read
“Things I Appreciate About Myself” You are always teaching us. Gently, lovingly, compassionately and full of grace. That’s what
I appreciate about you!
Thank you! Hanging out in
your light, Lucy
Here is Betty’s reaction to the Prosperity Wishes movie:
Day 18 in the Program:
Veronica - What a powerful, inspirational movie. First, I had goose bumps, then the tears started to roll. Tears of truth, tears of joy. It touched my heart. I watched it a few times and was embraced by the energy that emanated from it.
Day 22 in the Program:
It was Bob and Brian Proctor’s “Insight of the Day" who sent your “A few END OF THE DAY questions for you!”
This piece touched me so much I posted it at work to remind me of who I am, who I need to strive to be when I get too far into myself. Audrey


Some Sample Prosperity Puzzle Pieces …

Clearing Your Way to Prosperity - Physically and Mentally
 Intention, Focus and The Secret To Getting What You Want
 Passion, Purpose and Legacy
Eight Good Money Habits
Self Love and Appreciation
Prosperity Is An Inside Job
Paying Attention To What Shows Up
The Done Deal
Lighten Up - Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Your Time To Bloom
3 Secrets To Creating The Life Of Your Dreams
Your Beliefs About Money  
The Prosperity Blessing - Video - Audio - Mini-Poster 
Asking Empowering Questions
Time To Dream Bigger - Think Grander - Do Greater!
7 Ways You May Be Scaring Money Away
Focus on Gratitude  
The Concept of Detachment - Letting Go  
Nothing Is Impossible - The Concept of Tranference  
Allowing The Joy Back Into Your Life
Imagination- The Genie Inside Your Mind
FREE Money - Declaration of Intent
Be Here Now - The Power Is In The Present Moment  
 Passion and Celebration
 10 Ways To Know If You Are Letting Prosperity In
A Letter To Money
Notice Abundance and Abundance Abounds
 Your Beliefs About Money
 Generosity of Spirit
 The BE - DO- HAVE Paradigm and the I AM Principle
••• And 20 More Puzzle Pieces


I admire you, Veronica because this is Global-helping. Louise L. Hay, Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle and YOU! I simply love it.
Tom Kristensen
Keep up the good work. I am proudly promoting your work Veronica on my Messengerfiles Radio /Online show and sharing your Inspirations with my listeners. The Feedback is awesome and many people are becoming more enlightened by your work. ~ Carole Matthews I am a follower of Marianne Williamson.
I put you right at the top with her. Keep those beautiful words flowing. Veronica - God Bless. Theresa


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