A Tribute to Robin Williams 1951 - 2014
August 13, 2014

Robin, I am currently working on a "How To Manual" for those delicate souls arriving on the earth plane. It is something I have felt we have always needed and it gives step by step instructions on how to really live each day with passion, fire and exuberance. Your face is plastered on every single page, your voice heard in every word, your brilliance demonstrated at every turn, all making it the next best seller.

During your time here on earth, you were totally and utterly yourself, the most authentic and real piece of work I have ever encountered. You thought outside the box. Hell, you threw away the box! You gave new meaning to the words passion, spirit, vulnerability. You didn't care what any of us thought of you and if you did at any point you never let it stop you. Life was too important for that. Life was too big for that, too grand for that. The world could not contain you, nor did it want to. It applauded your every move and spurred you on as every cell and atom in your amazing and magnificent body danced and rocked in everything you did.

You were multi-talented and multi-faceted, like a sparkling diamond left to heat up in the sun; warm, generous beyond measure, compassionate and humane to those less fortunate, infinitely kind, loving, giving and big hearted.

You saw things in people and places and life that most of us were blind to. Much of it served to fuel the rocket ship inside you that blasted off every chance it got to places most of us only dreamed of venturing into. Some of it scared you, even haunted you, but never deterred you for very long.

I think you shined the most, at least for me, on the silver screen and I remember a profound moment when you changed my life forever. It was in a dark movie theatre all those years ago in the middle of the film, "Dead Poet's Society" where I sat and listened to you speak words that I knew were meant for me and only me! You spoke them with a passion that made my jaw drop and touched my heart in ways I didn't know were possible. I went back there every day for a week and sat and waited for you to say those words to me again, and again, those words that sent me in a life changing direction forever. And even though you didn't write those words yourself, it was the way you said them to me, just to me, that ripped me open and exposed my soul.

You were an extraordinary piece of work, a phenomena greater than the Grand Canyon or the Eiffel tower and just as recognizable. You didn't give a damn what people thought of you and when you were performing it was only you and only me and only the hungry masses who waited with bated breath for what ridiculously funny or incredibly silly or terribly morose thing you were about to do. Most of the time I think you had no idea yourself and just gave your body, mind and spirit over to something greater that wanted to come through, that wanted to be born, that wanted to celebrate all that life had to offer.

It was as if the pixies and the fairies and the aliens of which you introduced us and seduced us and stole our hearts with and all kinds of strange and eccentric beings were given birth through you. You set them free, you set yourself free and the world applauded you and laid itself at your feet in gratitude. Nature understood you, the sky welcomed you home, the wind blew at your command, the sun got up early to shine its glorious face upon you for the miracles you created for all of us here.

You were not perfect, far from it! But who of us ever is? You were totally and utterly human and vulnerable in every way. You felt great pain and experienced deep sadness, but isn't that part of the journey that we all sign up for? Who of us has not called out in anguish, cried tears from a broken heart or felt remorse, confusion, despair, grief and melancholy? Who of us has not wished we ever made the choice to be here? Who of us has not had at least a moment or two, when life became so overwhelming that giving up seemed like the only option? Who of us has not been seduced even in some small way by the myriad of physical offerings on this planet to help stop the pain, at least for the moment and gave into that?

Yet, even in your darkest hour, in your choice to end it all, though a sad and tragic one, you made a difference for so many suffering souls who have been hiding their pain from the world. Now perhaps they will be able to talk about it, to let go of the shame surrounding it and open up to the truth inside them. I believe your death has greater significance here, perhaps more than even your life, in giving so many, finally a voice, a chance to be heard and perhaps understood for the very first time, with compassion and love. Even in your death, your genius shines through and is allowing the healing to begin for so many.

I for one am proud to have been on the same planet at the same time you were. I am honoured to have walked on the same soil that you did, and breathed the same intoxicating air. I am in awe of what you have taught all of us. You made it all worthwhile for me and for so many of us.

And when you passed over all of heaven rejoiced to have you home again, a job very well done, a life very well lived, a mission courageously accomplished, a legacy filled with grace and love. You will never be forgotten and the laughter, joy and magic you gave us all will continue to sustain us in ways and places not yet even imagined.

For all of this and for all that you are and will continue to be now and in eternity, I salute you and I thank you.

Veronica Hay

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